Kit Info

The Finish-it-Yourself Cigar Box Guitar Kit

This is it folks,…The ORIGINAL Finish-it-Yourself, Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar KIT. This KIT includes everything, and I DO mean EVERYTHING, including the NECK, with CUT-OUTS and ALL HOLES PRE-DRILLED. That’s right, You will get all the pieces you need to FINISH YOUR OWN Acoustic Three String Cigar Box guitar, INCLUDING THE NECK, and be playing it within hours of opening the KIT….All with only a few simple tools…and an ONLINE TUTORIAL…EASY!!!
In this KIT, you will get the following items…

Cigar Box (boxes will vary from photo depending on supply on hand)
Poplar NECK with ALL cutouts and holes pre-drilled
Vintage Style Tuning Hardware
Bridge, Nut, String Trees and String Holders (in true to fashion “found object” style)
Three Premium Guitar Strings
Custom, Hand-Made Copper Finger Slide
Mounting Blocks and screws
Fret Measuring Scale
Complete Instructions, Including Online Tutorial Video on YouTube…
and last but not least
*** A FREE Digital Download of Foot Stompin’, Swampy, Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll from none other than….The Budrows.

whew!…that’s a lot of stuff for only a little cash.
You get to lay your hands on this little project and finish the guitar just how you like it!… the best part is, the hard work has been done for you. I have cut out the neck headstock and drilled all the holes for you – leaving the finish work to you for your own custom look.
It’s a perfect summer project while the kids are out of school, or maybe build it on the weekend and then play it at your BBQ with some friends and a cold beer…or it could just be that special something for you to scratch your tinkering itch.

Get ’em while they are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!…they go QUICK!

Jason Farthing