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Jason Farthing, Cigar Box Guitar, The BudrowsI have been making cigar box guitars since 2007 as Soundbox Guitars, and playing them live, touring and recording with my band The Budrows since 2008. I had sold hundreds of custom guitars, but saw a need for a build-it-yourself kit to put the art of “making music” into your hands.  At the time I developed my kit, there were no other kits on the market that offered the neck with all holes and cut outs done for you….weird, right? What good is a guitar without a neck? So, I set out to make a kit that had all the pieces you would need, including the neck, with ALL the cutouts and holes pre-drilled, so it would go together with ease and with a bare minimum of tools. The simplicity and completeness of the kit allows the builder to focus in on customizing the guitar to make it their own finished creation. I stand behind my guitars, because I play my guitars regularly in live music shows and on recorded albums.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Jason Farthing

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